June 5, 2016 Rally for Immigrant Rights

On Sunday, June 5, 2016, nearly 700 immigrants and allies gathered in five cities across Massachusetts in a united call for respect, dignity and drivers licenses.  MVP leaders were at the heart of three rallies across the Valley as 170 people gathered in Haverhill's GAR Park, 250 at Lawrence's Campagnone Common and 130 in Lowell's Shedd Park. The rallies were preceded by numerous processions throughout the city streets, reaching thousands of Valley residents.
6-5-16 Haverhill Procession.jpg
6-5-16 Haverhill.jpg
6-5-18 Haverhill Chapter.jpg
6-5-16 Lowell Procession.jpg
6-5-16 Lowell Chapter
6-5-16 Lowell Rally.jpg
6-5-16 MVP Pres. Ana Javier.jpg
6-5-16 Lawrence Rally.JPG
6-5-15 Lawrence Blessing
6-5-16 Haverhill.jpg
6-5-16 Haverhill Procession.jpg
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